Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Elaine had some arm pain today, unfortunately. It's such a fine line trying to find the right dose of medication, her pushing herself to much, or not enough(which is never the issue). Elaine had arm therapy this morning. The therapist was amazed at how far she has come in just one month. She truly couldn't believe it. She definitely understands how dedicated Elaine, AND Fred are to her getting better. She never misses a session, never cheats on her exercises, and always does her homework! Fred went to play golf this afternoon and wanted to make sure Elaine waited for him to get home before she did her stretcher and arm exercises. He doesn't like to miss a thing and wants to make sure she does them correctly!

Elaine was picked up for a special lunch with Shirley and Carole today. They took her up to Pelican Hill for lunch. She had such a wonderful day and was so grateful to them for spending some time with Elaine.

Staci and the kids stopped by this afternoon to give Nammie some hugs and spend some time with her. She tried to hide the pain she was in, and it breaks our hearts to see her hurting! She still smiles and laughs with the kids, still sneaking them Cheetos! Elaine took it easy tonight. Fred is trying to get her in bed by 7:30. Rest is so important and especially when she is in so much pain. They decided to skip the night round of the torture machine, not wanting to aggravate Little Darlin' anymore. Hopefully she gets a restful night and wakes up in less pain tomorrow. She is such a trooper!

As I loaded this picture onto the screen, my eye was immediately drawn to the bronze statue in the background. The stature is of a girl licking ice cream, holding balloons. It instantly made me think of my sister Christi, our angel in heaven. It appears that she is almost standing on Elaine's shoulder. There is no doubt that she has been all long. I know Christi is watching out for her and has been giving her mom, and dad, strength during these last several months and will continue to do so. Our friend Ashley often talks about hidden meanings or messages when you need them. Seeing the statue reminded me that Christi is with us too. It gave me strength and hope! It gave me a sense of comfort that things will get better and just another reminder of how thankful and lucky we are to have Elaine still with us! Christi was brave and courageous, the apple didn't fall far from the tree.

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