Friday, September 14, 2012


Elaine had a nice day today with Staci and family. She enjoyed a nice lunch al fresco at Big Canyon with Staci, Ben, Brian, Taylor, and Fred. It was certainly warm out, but everyone enjoyed being outside!

To all of our delight, Elaine announced at lunch that her eyes are feeling, and working, much better. She can actually tell the difference - which is obviously huge especially since it has been such a relatively short time since she started working on her eyes. We are so proud of her continued effort and desire to get better despite the obstacles (which she leaps right over). Elaine is definitely amazing!

A lot of readers know that she is amazing, as well. Many of you have continued to actively send prayers and happy thoughts to Elaine on a daily basis. You know who you are and we appreciate you so much. You are truly the engine that drives Elaine toward a full recovery!

One of those people is one of our closest friends, Jackie, who ran an amazing race in honor of Elaine (Ashley,and Jackie's dad Vern - who happens to have been one of Fred's best friends). Jackie and her team alternated to run from San Francisco to Sonoma. Amazing! Nice work Jackie!

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