Thursday, September 6, 2012


Elaine slept well last night, and her pain was more manageable today. Unfortunately, they are still having trouble drawing Elaine's blood to check her INR level. One of the problems is, she is not drinking enough water. Fred is going to have the nurse come and give him another "lesson." After pricking Elaine three times this morning, they decided to wait and have the doctor do it in the morning.

Elaine had another great session with her eye therapy. Everyone is very excited and encouraged by the progress. Her eyes are working very well together and she has drastically improved. Watch out for her eagle eyes, reading putts on the green soon!! She meets with the doctor next week for an assessment. We are anxious for those results.

Elaine relaxed this afternoon, resting up for a delicious dinner tonight with Bud and MJ at Big Canyon.

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