Saturday, September 15, 2012


Today was about celebration. First, we all celebrated Taylor who was playing in her second soccer game ever and scored goal. We were so proud and we were all so happy to celebrate that.

Then, everyone, including Elaine and Fred went to Christi's soccer game. As we have previously mentioned, it is never easy to get from the car to the field but Elaine is more than willing to willing to fight that battle! Christi did great and we all cheered her on! We CELEBRATED with a gourmet lunch at Islands. We celebrated even more since Elaine battled through the day with her new leg brace / orthotic (pictured below) - it certainly didn't make it easier for her to get around. There is no doubt that she is a trooper! We followed up soccer with another celebration lunch at Islands!

Tonight, we celebrated Elaine in a different way. We were watching our photo albums scroll by on Apple TV. We were happily reminded of the many great times that we (and our kids) have had with Elaine over the years. It was an emotional roller coaster to see Elaine over the years with her grandchildren, golfing, and with Fred over the past decade. Our realization was that we are SO HAPPY that she is around to see Brian grow up, to see her beautiful granddaughters as they grow, and to see us every day. We know now, more than ever before, that each day and each moment is precious. We know to never take a moment or a person for granted.

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