Tuesday, September 18, 2012


Today was Tuesday. Sounds pretty normal, right? That's because it was normal. Elaine felt (for the first time in a while) like she had a normal day - the kind of day she used to have before January.

First of all, she didn't have therapy. Second, she didn't have any doctor appointments. Third, she spent the day out and about with her great friend Cindi. They went to get their hair blown dry, they want to lunch,  and they shopped. Somewhere along the way, they stopped and took this funny picture.

They talked. They laughed. They had a blast together. Today inspired Elaine and made her believe yet again that she is getting her life back. She is too strong and she has fought too hard to accept anything less than that. Also, she is so grateful that she has a friend like Cindi who is so sweet with whom to share the day. Elaine looks forward (never backward except to see how far she has come) to tomorrow - her next NORMAL day!

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