Friday, September 28, 2012


Elaine has had a week off of officially going to therapy because her therapist is out of town. That hasn't slowed Elaine down though and her are wheels turing about when she can return to the gym, the treadmill, and full body workouts! Most people would be thrilled to have a week off, after the intense 9 months Elaine has had. Elaine is not like most people though, we have learned that!

Fred and Elaine had to be out of their house for 4 hours today while it was sprayed for bugs. Fred golfed, and Elaine ran around with Staci. Staci finally dropped Elaine off to relax at the Francois house while she took the girls to tennis. Instead of relaxing, Elaine took this opportunity to play with Brian alone and chase him around. Staci returned home to Elaine insisting on getting home to have another date with the stretcher, even though she was returning an hour later for a birthday dinner celebration for Brian.

Once Fred and Elaine arrived at the Francois house, the action continued, playing outside with Brian's new golf clubs, watching the kids ride bikes, and even walking with Fred and the kids to the park. Needless to say, Elaine was exhausted tonight. It is so much fun to see her becoming an active part of the kids life again, and the kids have caught on quickly. They are so excited to see Nammie on the move again, and even they are impressed with her progress. You can see how proud they are when she achieves milestones in their minds. It was a fun day and night, complete with birthday cake for Brian, who turns two tomorrow. Hopefully, they sleep well since soccer is only house away:)

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