Sunday, September 9, 2012


Elaine woke up with alarms buzzing everywhere! An alarm to wake them up, an alarm reminding her to take her medicine. She slept well though. Her pain is better than it used to be, but she is still uncomfortable. Ben and Brian dropped off coffee while she was getting ready and then Staci and Brian came and picked her up for another morning of soccer. She is certainly getting her exercise in going to the soccer games. The parking lots and the fields are never close, and today it was hilly and uneven. Elaine did great though. Staci offered her arm and Elaine declined, saying that she needs to get her confidence back!

We watched Christi's game and had a lot of fun cheering on the "Green Machine." After a victory, we headed to Island's for a celebratory lunch. The kids were so excited to have Nammie with us this morning. Nammie graciously ran a few errands with Staci and the kids before they dropped her off to rest. Fred and Elaine relaxed the rest of the afternoon and watched sports. They have a very busy week ahead with some doctor appointments and arm therapy. Elaine continues to be an inspiration to us daily.

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