Monday, September 17, 2012


Elaine started the day off at therapy. She actually did pilates today for the first time! She loved it. The therapist thinks it will really help her foot too. Her shoulder is continuing to improve as well, and she was able to raise Little Darlin' even higher today! Elaine is excited with the progress, though understandably frustrated with the pace.

Elaine did get some more good news today! Fred and Elaine went for the nerve conduction study. It didn't show any nerve damage to her foot, which is wonderful news. We know how hard she continues to work and soon, she will be back!

Fred and Elaine came to the Francois house for dinner and MNF. It is always an exciting time when Nammie and Ampa are here and the house if full of energy! Elaine is looking forward to her first official day off in months! She doesn't have therapy or a doctor appointment.

Elaine is hanging tough and certainly being tested. She truly looks beautiful and is staying optimistic, and continues to make incredible progress daily. She is emotional, but who can blame her. She has been through so much. She feels so lucky to be alive, have such amazing and loving friends, and have such a loving, dedicated, loving husband!

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