Sunday, September 16, 2012


Elaine was happy to see her grandkids arrive at her door this morning with coffee. Elaine looked beautiful and well rested! The kids were so excited to see her. It was an especially exciting morning because Elaine ventured upstairs to play toys with the kids for the first time. They all played together for a long time, while Ben and Staci enjoyed the quiet downstairs and watched football! The kids were thrilled to have Nammie playing with them again, and Nammie was thrilled, too. After they played, they all came down and Nammie made lunch. It was such a fun afternoon and was a positive look into the future!

Elaine's arm was sore this afternoon. They cranked up the intensity on the torture machine. Fred said she had her best day with her cane exercises today as well. Elaine was resting this afternoon, after her big morning. Tonight, Fred and Elaine had dinner with the Allumbaughs at Big Canyon. They had such a nice dinner and really enjoyed the company.

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