Saturday, September 22, 2012


We continue toward our goal of full recovery. That means that Elaine wants to live her life independently and in a way that is similar to what she had before her stroke. That is certainly what she did today. There was one thing that made this day feel so familiar - Fred was playing in the horserace (finals) of a big golf tournament. 

Fred and his member-member partner Lou battled through five hard fought nine-hole matches to win their flight earning them a spot in the final four hole alternate shot playoff. Just like she has always done, Elaine wanted to be out there cheering on her man. She hustled down to the golf course just in time to see Fred tee off on the first hole, and she watched every shot on the way in (which is saying a lot because there were nine teams playing every hole). We all proudly watched from above the ninth green as Fred and Lou won second place in the entire tournament (missing victory by only a half a shot). Nice work guys! 

We also watched with pride how Elaine continues to succeed in her hard fought battle! She is one tough woman! 

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