Thursday, September 20, 2012


Elaine slept well and her INR level is staying steady, which is great news. She is in good spirits today as well and continuing to feel better! In an effort to explain her foot issue and why she walks with a hitch, try thinking about it this way. When we walk, we all walk heel to toe, and we naturally roll to our toe. She gets her weight on her heel, and as she tries to get to her toe, she simply can't. Imagine your toes frozen to the bottom of your shoe and being unable to bear weight on them. That is what happens to Elaine, and therefore she has to pick her foot up to take a step. We believe that once this is corrected, she will walk without the hitch! This is also exciting news for Elaine!

She continued to do "normal" today, she went to a beauty appointment and the grocery store! She is trying to really focus on her rest, her shoulder stretcher, and not getting to tired over the course of the day. We are so proud of her and so pleased with her progress. She absolutely deserves it! 

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