Sunday, February 5, 2012


February 5, 2012

Happy Super Bowl Sunday! The experts predicted a Patriots’ win, but the Giants pulled the upset. We are hoping this sets the trend for us tomorrow when we receive the biopsy results.

A quick story on the bracelets that were meant to arrive in the desert yesterday: Somehow we sent a bunch of them (about 200) to the wrong address – really wrong. Scotty and Pat Scott drove all over Palm Desert last night trying to round them up, and finally gained possession of the bracelets this morning after sweet talking their way past the guards at Indian Wells Country Club. Pat and Scotty, thanks for the effort!! We appreciate it!

Elaine continues to amaze the hospital staff with her progress. She even stood up on her own today. Suzy, Susie, and Cindi came by for a visit so maybe Elaine was trying to show off.

In an effort to encourage more participation, Elaine has decided to rename her “dummy arm.” She now refers to it as “Little Darlin’” and tries to show it more affection. Richie and Julie went to the sporting goods store and picked up a few new toys for Little Darlin’ including grip strengtheners, a weight, and a golf grip. In fact, she was working on her swing today at the hospital.

Elaine Working on her Damn Fine Swing!

We are anxious for tomorrow and we urge you to please continue to pray and send good thoughts.  Thank you for the outpouring of love and support. We are so blessed and humbled.

Mona, one of Elaine’s other “daughters” is spending the night with her tonight. She flew in from San Jose and insisted on staying with her. We are all so grateful because we know she is in great hands and everyone is exhausted. Thank you Mona! 


  1. LOVE the video! And the pic with the girls is so great. How sweet of Mona to come and stay too! So many people love you so much Elaine! Thinking about you everyday and love the blog updates. Praying for an awesome day today :) xoxo, Ashley

  2. Praying for good news! So happy Mona was there! She is truly an amazing, really. Love to you all!


  3. Hang in there and hang tough, girlfriend, I know you'll be back soon, we miss you!

    Nancy Croom