Tuesday, February 14, 2012


February 14, 2012

Happy Valentines Day! Short post tonight. Elaine continued her amazing progress today encouraged by the literal "steps" forward she took yesterday. Her progress and hard work do not just happen in the easy-to-see things such as taking steps or leg exercises. Elaine also spends considerable time and effort on smaller, but equally important, exercise like small hand movements, occupational therapy, and cognitive drills.

Her drive to succeed at every task motivates her therapists (and her family) to push her further than anyone thought possible. It is crucial to consider the context of yesterday's 80 steps. Just two weeks ago she was given was very little chance of walking again - ever. That was only 14 short (but long) days ago. Things can change pretty quickly, and Elaine has impressed her will on anyone who is lucky enough to witness it.

Elaine has been given a tentative move-out date. She is scheduled (disclosure: these things are not set in stone) to leave the rehab center next Wednesday, February 22nd. We are not 100% sure where Fred and Elaine are moving to for the next few weeks, but we hope solve that mystery by tomorrow.

Fred and Elaine are interviewing home-care nurses starting tonight. The first candidate is staying with Elaine in the rehab center so that everyone can get comfortable. We love you all had a wonderful day filled with LOVE!

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