Thursday, February 23, 2012


February 23, 2012

Today was a very exciting and busy day! Fred and Elaine enjoyed their first uninterrupted night in a month, and they were so excited to finally sleep in the same bed. Fred said, “It was the second best night of his life, a close second to their honeymoon.” They both appreciated the peaceful night even slept in a bit, and they certainly enjoyed relaxing in bed.

We had several people scheduled to go to their new house today: decorator, audio/visual, Elaine-proof lady, family and friends. Elaine wanted to go, too! She curled her hair and was excited to be out and about. She hadn’t seen the house since October, and she liked it more now than she did then. This is Fred and Elaine (and nurse Shayla) walking in. Fred planned their matching outfitsJ

After the extensive house tour with Elaine’s entourage, we all went to Big Canyon for lunch. This was a HUGE step for Elaine and one we are so proud of her for taking. As you can imagine, knowing Elaine as well as you do, going out in public in a wheel chair is not something she is comfortable doing. She put on her brave face, and she went and enjoyed a lovely meal out on the patio. She looked beautiful, and honestly, you would never in a million years guess the hell she has been through in the last month just by looking at her. She looks incredible, as she always does. She is one of a kind!

After lunch, Fred and Elaine went to the doctor. He couldn’t believe all the progress Elaine has made in such a short time. He even said that when he saw her leave the hospital, he didn’t think there was any way she would have progressed so much. She said he didn’t even notice the “droop” anymore. Its still very hard for Elaine to see her progress, partly because she doesn’t remember just how dire the situation was only a few weeks ago. As we always say, she is a miracle!

Elaine was exhausted after her busy day. Fred, Elaine, Richie, and Julie ordered room service tonight and were going to bed early! Her afternoon therapy session was cancelled because the therapist was sick.  Elaine is eager to get back to the grind tomorrow. Today she got outside again and practiced getting in and out of the car as well as had a wonderful lunch out. She is just doing amazingly! She is an inspiration to us all! She isn’t sitting around feeling sorry for herself or hiding at home. She is reluctant to be seen because of her vanity, but hopefully as she looks in the mirror and continues to see how incredible and beautiful she looks, and listens to those around her (not just her biased family), then she will believe it.

It was a GREAT day! 

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  1. Elaine,
    You are awesome!! You look beautiful and I noticed the same thing in the last couple of days of pictures - the droop is unnoticeable.
    You are an inspiration to all and we are so happy that you are out an about! It is beyond hard to believe that Mike was calling Staci and Ben just only a month ago. You have made insane progress, although we are not surprised- ETS.
    Continued prayers!!!
    Mike, Jenn, and Callie Jane