Sunday, February 26, 2012


February 26, 2012

Everyone was much more comfortable in their roles today! I think it must have been the butter cake that gave Elaine this extra boost. She had another great day of therapy! Check out this video. It is the best one yet!

She continues to amaze us every single day with her ambition, perseverance, determination, will, and attitude. She continues to inspire us, and we are filled with so much joy and hope. Even her therapist, who is not quick to dole out a compliment, said today that he believes she will make a full recovery! This is truly unbelievable considering the severity of her stroke. There is only one word to sum it all up: MIRACLE.

We can’t tell you enough how grateful we are for your love, thoughts, and prayers! There is not a doubt in our minds that Elaine could not have made this much progress, this quickly, without you! Thank you!

Julie cooked a home cooked meal tonight, and again they will celebrate life!

We are elated to send out a big “Congratulations” to Herb and Randy for winning the tournament this weekend. We are so happy for you guys! 

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