Saturday, February 25, 2012


February 25, 2012

Big Steps Today . . . Literally. Elaine walked around the condo and around the neighborhood with the help of cane – there was no buddy assistance. It was SO amazing to witness. All we could think of was how far she had come in the last four weeks. 28 days ago she was lying in a bed, completely paralyzed on one side of her body, and now she is gallivanting up and down the street! She spent about 10 minutes outside just walking around. It must have been an exceptionally liberating moment for her.  

Elaine started therapy today at noon with a plan to go for an hour. This therapist hadn’t seen her in a while, and he wasn’t sure how much she had progressed. They started working on Little Darlin’ and she was very cooperative today.  Elaine was able to move her arm much more effectively. Before they knew it, an hour had flown by. The therapist asked Elaine if she wanted to stop or keep going. Not a huge surprise, but she elected to continue her therapy. They worked on exercises that combine leg and arm movement. These types of exercises are good for her limbs, and also get her brain working on multiple commands. Last week, she couldn’t perform these exercises a week ago, even when she was sitting down. Today she nailed them while standing and without support.

There is another exercise that she finds the most challenging. She bears of her weight on her left leg while trying to put her right foot lightly on little red ball. The therapist calls this move an advanced exercise. Elaine loves hearing that she is advanced!

The initial plan was to have a girls’ party at the hotel, but Elaine decided that she wanted to go Mastro’s and have a delicious steak and warm butter cake. Elaine was such a trooper to want to go. She looked beautiful, and sat confidently through dinner enjoying a great night out.

Ben, Fred, and Richie went to a special screening of the Navy SEAL movie called “Act of Valor.” The event benefitted the Navy SEAL Foundation and featured active-duty SEALs as well as families of SEALs who were killed in action. We think that the SEAL motto sums up Elaine and her journey very well:


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