Tuesday, February 28, 2012


February 28, 2012

Quick note to blog readers:  Apparently, videos on the blog can only be viewed on your computer – not on your phone.  We are not sure why, and we will work on fixing it – but we aren’t sure how much success we will have. The blog address is elainesmithupdate.blogspot.com

One more quick note: We love visitors! If you would like to visit Elaine, please email Staci directly. There has been some confusion with the scheduling, and this will help centralize everything and ensure that Elaine is around when you show up. 

Elaine had another good day. She is working really hard on strengthening her vocal cords. She still has a really quiet voice so she trying to practice talking louder. She was tired from her long busy day yesterday and all the walking she has been doing. Fred went out to get some fresh air today and hit some golf balls. Staci and Taylor had lunch with Elaine, and then Taylor and Elaine relaxed for a bit after. They didn’t relax for long before Elaine had some friends stop by. Bishop Packard has been so kind while following her progress. We were put in touch with him through close friends and he came up to the hospital while Elaine was still in the ICU and gave her a blessing. After his visit, Elaine enjoyed from laughs and girl time with Sue and Cindi. They were so impressed with Elaine, and they all had a fun visit together.

Fred, Elaine, Richie, and Julie went to dinner tonight and discussed how many houses they have lived in. Between the four of them, over 72 years of marriage, they came up with 52 different houses they have lived in, and they are pretty sure they forgot a few! Fred and Elaine have committed to this move being their last!

Elaine is headed to bed and awaiting her “candy.” She is on so many different medications that their bathroom looks like a pharmacy. It’s been an incredible two days! Elaine is actually walking, then to top it off, we just got off the phone with her hearing her laugh and truly enjoying herself after a great dinner. A miracle indeed and THANK YOU Richie and Julie for being here!!

PET scan is Thursday instead of tomorrow. She has another full day of therapy tomorrow. Go Elaine Go!

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