Friday, February 3, 2012


February 3, 2012

NOTE ON THE BRACELETS: Bracelets were mailed out today to everyone who requested one. If you live at The Vintage, call Pat Scott. She will receive a shipment tomorrow. You may notice that the letters on your bracelet are pink and not black like the ones in the photo from yesterday. We colored in the letters with a Sharpie so we could see them better!  

Hello everyone.

As if we weren’t anxious enough!! As you know, this morning’s biopsy did not produce enough tissue for conclusive pathology.  One thing was conclusive – Elaine’s mischievous streak. When they were wheeling her to the procedure, she was trying to convince the guy to roll her right out the door and into the parking lot.

The next biopsy is scheduled for tomorrow morning.  Elaine is staying strong and focusing her energy on her rehab where she continues to make visible progress everyday.

Elaine impressed and surprised the doctors this morning with her mobility and dramatic improvements in strength and coordination. She did all of that despite not feeling well after the biopsy and 12 hours with no food or drink.  Plus, she had pain in her side pretty much all day.  She wasn’t exactly looking forward to therapy. That all changed when the therapists walked through the door.  She put on her game face and got to work.  The therapists were incredibly sweet and sensitive to her rough day, and agreed to an “easier” day.  They admitted that slow and easy wasn’t exactly Elaine’s MO as they started with her leg exercises while she tried to rush out of the bed.

We marveled at her improvement especially given her ordeal over the past 24 hours. Her grip strength was stronger today and she was able to kick her left leg even higher. She is determined to succeed and have the therapists write positive reports about her.  She asks after every exercise, “Did I get an A+?”

While she was practicing her “scoots” along the side of the bed, they told her to get her rear end off the bed. She informed them that her friends lovingly call her GGA – which stands for Great Greek Ass. The old fire was back!

She felt like she was doing the hokey pokey as they had her move her right foot up and back, then her left foot up and back. She even asked if they wanted her to “turn herself around.”

It was a tough day for Elaine and Fred . . . this is how they fell asleep this afternoon. 

The staff gets a kick out of Fred’s  bright colors. They said they recognize him all over the hospital. Elaine had told them yesterday he sings a lot, too. Well today, while they were doing “ragdoll” as Elaine has named the exercise, Fred started singing “Ragdoll” to her. She cheerfully said, “See, I told you he sings. “ They asked if she sings and she said, “No, I just listen OR put in my ear plugs!”

Her progress in therapy is remarkable and her attitude and determination continues to drive us all. Thank you continually for caring and praying. I don’t know if you’ve ever been asked this before but please pray for fungus or bacteria tonight and most importantly, enough tissue to determine the issue!

We will update when/if we hear anything tomorrow. They are uncertain if we will have any pathology reports before Monday but we are hoping for something!


  1. That photo is so cute of Elaine and Fred sleeping! Been thinking about you guys all day. Hope you get some rest. Praying for fungus! A+ for today :) Love you!!!!

  2. I hope everything went well today. I've been thinking about you guys all day sending lots of prayers for fungus (first for everything). Can't wait to get the bracelets. Purple and pink!!!!!
    Love you guys and fingers crossed

    Love you