Sunday, February 19, 2012


February 19, 2012

Lazy Sunday. That kind of sums up Elaine’s day. Apparently, she had already maxed out on the allowable number of therapy hours for the week. That meant that Elaine was scheduled for one short session of speech therapy with nothing on the calendar for occupational or physical therapy. In typical Elaine fashion, she asked to be put on the waitlist so that she could participate if another patient couldn’t make it.

Unfortunately, it never happened.  As Elaine’s dad used to say, “Son of a beetchy!”

Instead, she spent the morning with Ben talking about Whitney Houston and how her furniture may or may not fit into her new house. Around lunch time, Julie came by to hang out for a while. We are so grateful that Richie and Julie are back in town.  We are excited to announce that they are scheduled to be here for a couple months.  It such a blessing for us (and for Elaine). 

Elaine only has three more nights in the hospital. She is focused on that number, and it gets her through the day. The other thing that makes the days goes by is the support she has from friends and family. Today, Her friend Cindi stopped by for a visit. Cindi accomplished two very important tasks. One, she raised Elaine’s spirits. Two, she introduced Elaine to the wonderful world of Words With Friends. If you play, feel free to challenge Elaine. Her name is mightymiteETS.

 As you know, Elaine has named her left arm Little Darlin’ in an effort to make that arm (which was initially less than cooperative) more receptive to therapy.  The name and Elaine’s battle inspired our close friend Greg to write a song about Little Darlin’ and Elaine’s experience over the past few weeks. The link to the song is below, along with the lyrics. Elaine listened to this song about 50 times today. She would nod and comment when she really agreed with the words and she would laugh (her laugh was absolutely beautiful and contagious) at the funny parts.

We will leave you with a song tonight that sums up Elaine’s experience.  It is all about getting home!

Wide awake again alright
Machines bounce their soft light   
Across the cold tile floor
Is it day or is it night, I’m not sure.

I will get there today
However far it is they say
Tired deep down to the bone
But I know that I’m never alone.

Little darlin’,
I work so hard to get us home.
Little darlin’
I work so hard to get us home.

And when they come for me
They call this therapy
I’ve never worked so hard
As I work on healing these invisible scars.

I’ll keep on playing solitaire
And you’ll just keep on lying there
It’s 3 a.m. out in the empty halls.
Reach for the phone, I’ve got people I should call.

Little darling
Sometimes I forget you’re there at all.
Little darling
Sometimes I forget you’re there at all.

You’re still not pulling your own weight
But you are starting to cooperate
Everything is walking out that door
Tiny victories add up to win this war

Things that used to be so automatic
Have turned into awkward biomechanics
I’m learning to fly without wings
I’m learning how the blind man sings.

Little darlin'
I work so hard to get us home
But little darlin'
I work so hard to get us home

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