Sunday, February 19, 2012


February 18, 2012

Elaine had a great day. She slept well although she is definitely tired of being woken up at 5:00am for her daily blood draw. Her right arm is very battered as well since they aren't able to draw blood from little darlin'.

Elaine had a fun afternoon with her friends Pat, Marty, and Rockee. They made her laugh, filled her in on the scoop back in the desert and brought her delicious treats. They enjoyed some time outside in the sun and they marveled at the progress she has made since their last visit.

The weekend speech therapist was blown away by the progress. We are working hard on getting her to talk louder. We are even threatening to ignore her soft voice! Her vocal cords have been strained and after three weeks in a hospital, who can blame her. They seem to work REALLY well when anyone asks her release date though:)

Here is a very special message from Elaine!

All our love,
Fred, Ben and Staci

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  1. I love this video! I love hearing your voice! You look amazing. Keep up the hard work! Praying each day for you!