Wednesday, February 8, 2012


February 8, 2012

Tuesday was moving day. Elaine moved from Hoag Hospital after 12 surreal days.  She was transported in style by ambulance to an acute rehab center this afternoon to continue on the road to full recovery. She was dressed and ready in her purple, and she looked as beautiful as ever. She put on such a brave face despite all of the unknowns that lie ahead. Predictably, she loved the guy in the back of the ambulance because he absolutely couldn’t believe she was 60!

Brave, courageous, and determined are words that barely scratch the surface of Elaine’s spirit and attitude. She is so much stronger than those words convey.  Elaine is truly extraordinary!

She had a rough afternoon today with a few scary moments that she handled with courage and grace.  She definitely does not deserve the ordeal she is going through. As Staci left her room tonight, Elaine looked at her and said, “I am going to work really really hard tomorrow. I promise!”

Her experience today could have made her angry, scared, and feeling sorry for herself. But that is not Elaine. She just wants to get better. Her attitude is inspirational to us and to everyone she meets. We hope she knows just how incredible she is, and how proud of her we are. We don’t see her as weak, as a matter of fact, she is the strongest person we know!

Fred is staying with her tonight. He too has been marvelous as he as been by her side constantly. The love they share is so deep, and in times like these, you see just how pure it is.  Fred is proving that he meant it when he said “in sickness and in health.” We know that there is no place that he would rather be than by her side.

Tomorrow is the first the day of therapy. We are all anxious to see what Elaine’s day entails – most of all her!  She is definitely ready and can’t wait to get moving, literally. We know she will continue to amaze and inspire tomorrow and every day thereafter.

Thank you again for all your support and prayers.  Keep them and the emails coming. We are threatening to take her phone away since she stays up all night trying to respond. They mean so much to her and us! People have asked for an address to send a card, please email and I will be happy to give you one -

Ashley, we are thinking of you tomorrow as you start another day of chemo. Our thoughts and prayers are with you as well! 


  1. Thank you!!! I'm praying tomorrow goes well for you!!! I can't go to sleep without ready Elaine's Update Page! Love you all...hopefully I can come visit soon! xoxo

  2. Best wishes to Elaine as she starts her first day of therapy today!!

  3. You look beautiful, Elaine! I've been following your story a bit since Ashley first mentioned it and I've been inspired and encouraged by your strength and grace! Lots of thoughts and prayers are being sent your way!