Friday, February 24, 2012


February 24, 2012

It is almost impossible to imagine that this nightmare began four weeks ago today!  To see Elaine today, she looks so beautiful, and alert. Her dear friend Mary came to visit this afternoon to bring lunch. The last time she had seen her was in ICU so her improvement was incredible! Elaine looks so vibrant, and has such a great attitude! Mary forgot she was sick and all that her poor body has been through!

The day began with a blood draw, but at 8:30 AM instead of 5 AM, and after she had a wonderful night of sleep. Selby, a fighter in her own right as a breast cancer survivor, came by for a visit and was shocked at how healthy Elaine looked. They exchanged some war stories, and Selby shared some words of wisdom to keep on fighting, which Elaine most definitely will do!

After Elaine and Mary finished lunch, Christi and Taylor stopped by on the way to swim. To everyone’s surprise, Elaine wanted to come watch the girls swim. It is not as simple as walking over to the pool for Elaine, but she is determined to get back to living her life and not hiding! It was AWESOME. She sat by the pool with us and enjoyed an hour in the sun before her therapy session.

Elaine had a new therapist today.  He had to do an evaluation on her to arm to determine if she was good candidate for the STEM therapy. Little Darlin’ was very receptive to it and he thinks it will help her a lot so he will discuss it with her doctor.

We want to express our most sincere gratitude to The Vintage Club. The men’s member-member golf tournament started today. It is a tournament that Fred has chaired for two years. Some of the members and the golf staff decided to dedicate the tournament to Elaine. They had a beautiful picture of her on every scorecard. It literally brought us all to tears when we heard about it and again when we saw the scorecard. We are humbled and overwhelmed. We extend our deepest and most heartfelt thank you to our Vintage family. Fred and Elaine are anxious to get back “home” and see you all.  There are not words to express how honored Elaine feels. We all know she would much prefer to be out there on the course cheering you on, and she will be next year! What a wonderful honor to bestow on such an inspirational, amazing, loving, kind, brave, and determined women. We love her so much! Good luck guys!

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

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