Monday, February 20, 2012


February 20, 2012

The final countdown has officially started. Elaine was so excited to get into bed tonight knowing that when she wakes up she can say, “I am going home tomorrow!” Elaine’s relaxing weekend was over, and she didn’t get President’s day off of work. The day started as usual with the 5 AM wake up call and blood draw. This morning she was a little more groggy that usual. Unfortunately, her headache came with a vengeance in the middle of the night, and they gave her stronger meds to help ease the pain. After shaking off the cobwebs, Julie came by at 9 and helped Elaine get dressed, get her make up on, and get ready for the day. As always, Elaine looked beautiful! She had a very crowded therapy calendar. There were four 1-hour sessions in all – two of physical therapy and two of occupational therapy.

Elaine also mixed in some time with her visitors, some new and some regulars. The regulars included Fred with his bright clothes and non-stop singing and humming, Staci and her three “energetic” kids, and Ben with special deliveries from Starbucks. Elaine’s brother Nick was back in town from Utah. Vicki and Larry (Ben’s parents) came in from the desert with delicious soups and cookies. Our dear friend Norm flew in from Denver eager to see and hug Elaine and Fred. Elaine impressed all of them with her progress and positive attitude.

Elaine continues to improve at physical therapy, and we can say unequivocally that this afternoon she had best PT session yet. She practiced walking and raising her foot up high simulating stepping over something. This will be an important skill because at her interim home, she will have to step over a small step to get in the shower. She was able to walk down the hall from the therapy room to her room – and back to the therapy room. She was absolutely elated, and she can’t wait until she can do it completely unassisted.

Tomorrow is huge day. She is going to practice getting in and out of the car. She is thrilled to ride in car. Her last two rides were via ambulance, and she hasn’t been out of a hospital in over three weeks. Little Darlin’ is reacting very positively to being the star of a newly written song. She was moving around well today, stacking cones during therapy - which has been a very challenging task. We were so happy to see the improvement over the past few days. We keep reminding ourselves that Little Darlin’ will be the last to come to the recovery party, but she is showing signs of interest! She knows that Elaine is counting on her, and that she won’t take no for an answer.

We started the packing / moving process by gathering a few of the many items that we collected in Elaine’s room over the past couple weeks. Her room at Pelican Hill is being made Elaine-friendly tomorrow in preparation for her arrival on Wednesday. It will be so wonderful for to sit on a couch undisturbed, and to drink water from something other than a pink plastic pitcher! We know she will love being able to sit outside, too!

We are thrilled with her progress she has made at the rehab center, and we are even more excited to start this next phase of her recovery. She is doing tremendously well and while recovery time seems daunting, even she acknowledges how fast she has come in such a short period of time. It truly is a miracle. She is a pillar of strength and determination. Thank you for the love, support and prayers.

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  1. Dearest Elenaki-

    I am elated that your progress is going so well. I think about you everyday and pray for you everyday. I am so glad you are surrounded by all your favorite people! I can't imagine how excited they are and you of course that you will be going home in a few hours! Your strength is unbelievable. I love it!
    Filakia polla
    Love Annie and Denise