Wednesday, February 22, 2012


February 22, 2012

JAILBREAK!! Princess Elaine has moved from the Dungeon (seriously, that place was pretty dreary) to the Tower!

Elaine was up most of last night with an upset stomach, that and she was staring clock wish it said 11 AM so she could get out of that place. We aren’t sure who was more excited about today’s scheduled departure – Elaine or Fred? When Fred called this morning, he sounded like a kid on Christmas morning telling us that he was on his way to pick up his Little Princess.

As promised, they released Elaine right at 11 AM, and she wasted no time getting out of there. She typically avoids being a passenger when Fred drives as he is a tad aggressive and tends to yell at most other drivers, but today she was just grateful to be in the car.

Staci and the girls greeted Fred and Elaine with home cooked enchiladas as they arrived at their villa. They ate on actual glass plates with real silverware  - and the food was hot. A nice change of pace. They settled into their newest temporary home, and they both decided they loved it and the sunny welcome-home weather.

On her way out of the hospital, Elaine acquired yet another apparatus to assist her recovery. This one is a neck brace. She tilts her head to the right due to muscle weakness that turned into a bad habit. As she said, one problem leads to another problem leads to another. The day went great, and she is thrilled be relaxing out of the hospital. She starts her outpatient program tomorrow with OT and speech in the morning, a visit to her new internist, and then back home for PT.

Elaine was tired tonight after her big day. She requested turkey dinner and we were happy to oblige. Staci, Franny, and the girls prepared a delicious home cooked meal complete with all of Elaine’s favorites: turkey, stuffing, twice baked-potatoes, corn, asparagus, and hot rolls. The girls participated in all the cooking, and they were so excited to have Nammie home. We called it her Graduation dinner! She is walking around the villa with her cane - always with “a buddy” for now. That is one of the most frustrating things for her is asking one of us to help her move from chair to chair or to use the restroom. Hopefully, she understands it’s our pleasure, and we truly mean that!

Oh and yes, we will continue to update the blog! Thank you for caring!

We are excited for phase two of Operation Recovery! It’s a long way from over, but she has come so far! We know Elaine and Fred are going to enjoy their first night together and without disruption in a month. He even promised not to wake her at 5 AM to draw her blood!

Please keep Ashley in your prayers tonight! We are hoping for HCG of zero this week!

Until tomorrow, sleep well and thank you for all the words of encouragement as well as expressing your excitement for her release. It meant so much to us all. Just a friendly reminder that despite Elaine’s often nonsensical texts and emails, her brain and mind are working well, even if her typing reflects otherwiseJ

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