Saturday, February 4, 2012


February 4, 2012

Today got off to a frustrating start. We were told the second biopsy would be done around 830am. We didn’t hear anything until about 9:30 when they called to say they were looking to see if the results from yesterday could be read. They called at 11 to say that they didn't have enough tissue, and that they definitely would need to do the second biopsy - this time targeting the larger spot on her right lung. The Doctor was kind enough to do it on a Saturday and we are very grateful to him for that.
Elaine spent the time waiting, playing beauty salon. Julie was a great stylist and sure did a great job putting on some make up and brushing out her hair. Who would have thought a woman going through all the physical and emotional trauma she is could look this beautiful?

They did the biopsy and it was less painful than yesterday. They said that they got enough tissue this time so we are hopeful that by Monday we will have some answers for us as to what is going on in her lung. Tissue is the Issue!
She wasn’t allowed to do physical therapy today after two lung biopsies, but they are coming by bright and early tomorrow. Her strength is continuing to increase, and the doctors and nurses continue to be impressed. After her second biopsy, her interventional radiologist agreed with us, she is very tough!

We are all hoping Elaine will get some much needed rest tonight. We finally talked Fred into going home for a night to get some sleep and Ben is staying with her.
She is in good sprits and continues to amaze and inspire us with her courage and determination. She still feels like her “dummy arm” doesn’t belong to her, but decided she better start calling it by a more affectionate name or its going to have a complex! Never a dull moment!

We probably won’t have much news until Monday so enjoy Superbowl Sunday. As someone said, there isn’t anyone playing in the superbowl  tougher than Elaine! If you are placing bets, bet on ETS!


  1. You look beautiful and gorgeous as ever! I can only hope to look like you when I grow up!! Heehee
    I love you and have you in my thoughts every walking moment. Your strength inspires me.
    I hope you sleep well tonight you need all your energy.

  2. Hi Elaine - You look beautiful in that picture! I have to share a story with you - on the way to school, out of the blue Jake said "Christi's Grandma is SO fun - she used to play tag all the time with Christi, Charlie and I at the park near Willow Grove, I hope she gets better soon so we can do that again sometime", thought that was so cute. Alex gave me an ETS bracelet yesterday - I love the pink! I am wearing it and sending good thoughts, prayers for good news tomorrow and much love. xo Kendra