Monday, May 7, 2012


Disclaimer: This will make you laugh and might change your perception of the Smiths:)

Elaine is definitely feeling better today. She was out and about and looks great. Her sense of humor is back as well:) She had a great therapy session with Paul where she did some new things and some old tricks even better!  At one point she said she was going to cry and Paul said, "Neither Fred nor I are going to get you a towel. You are doing so well and making such incredible progress."

So she decided to laugh instead of cry. She had the giggles today! Ben and Staci met Fred and Elaine for a quick lunch and Elaine was cracking us, and herself, up! She would remember funny stories or things that happened. A funny story to share. When Staci talked to Fred this morning he was laughing so hard about a story from yesterday:

F: "Yesterday mom came out of the bathroom and showed me her new "stroke bra."
S: (interrupting) "What is a stroke bra?"
F: "I have no idea but she wanted to try it. She was so wrapped up and we couldn't figure out how to get it on or off. We spent 5 minutes trying to figure out how she was so twisted and finally got it off."
S: "That is funny, where did she get a stroke bra?"
F: "I have no idea."
Elaine yells into the phone, " A SPORTS BRA!!! Not a stroke bra."

Yes, these are conversations and occurrences that happen multiple times during the day. It would make for a hysterical book!

Elaine also finally let Ben in on a couple secrets today at lunch. The first secret is that there is a snake that lives in a tree outside her house. We haven't seen it yet, but we are more careful when we are outside.

The second secret is a big one! Elaine told us that Baby Jesus also lives in a tree outside her kitchen window. Ben asked her how He stays up there, and Elaine responded that he sits there all day straddling a branch. Of course, she says it while giggling! We obviously laugh and Paul (the therapist) tells us not to encourage her antics (they have a great rapport ), and explains how she is always up to something during their sessions. In all seriousness, Elaine believes He is there watching over her, and there is no doubt that she has many watching over her and certainly He is and has been involved from the beginning.

After lunch, and many laughs, Fred and Elaine went to see the movie, "Safe." We are pretty sure both Fred and Elaine only go to the movies for the popcorn (and Elaine a nap). They both loved the movie and it kept Elaine awake the entire time. They then went home to relax.

Fred and Elaine laugh their way through the days and the silly things they both do. This afternoon, Fred was outside enjoying the sun and Elaine went to ask him a question while he was outside and she was on the couch. A little while later, Fred went to come inside and the door was locked. He started banging on the door. She heard him and got up.

E: "Fred, what are you doing?"
F: "You locked me out!"
E "No I didn't, I've just been sitting on the couch the entire time."
F: "Well how do you think it is possible for me to lock the door from the inside when I am outside?"
E: "Hummm, well I guess I did then." and they both bursted into laughter.

Its amazing that during such a challenging situation, they have grown closer than ever. They are able to laugh with each other and at each other too.

Tonight, Fred and Elaine come over to the Francois house for a quick dinner and then to Christi's school to watch Christi perform in the Wizard of Oz. It was really cute and Christi was so excited to have them there. When Taylor heard they were coming she, "Nammie is coming even with her stroke?" Christi looked at them throughout the show. She was so proud that they were there!

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  1. I love the Elaine sees "baby Jesus"...Little 8 lb. 6 oz. baby Jesus.