Monday, May 21, 2012


Elaine continues to achieve new milestones! Today she walked up their flight of stairs at home without help or holding on to the rails! This is very impressive and really helped Elaine build confidence. It wasn't long ago that she got "stuck" upstairs and had to wait until Fred could help her down. Here she is walking unassisted!

After therapy, Fred and Elaine went to see her doctor. He was so thrilled with her progress. An even bigger surprise, her neurologist, who is quite tight lipped, had called him to talk about how incredibly well she is doing and what a fighter she is. That made us all smile! She truly is incredible. A funny story. They were checking out and scheduled her next appointment:

The nurse said, "ok July 6th, you are in the book."
Elaine said, "now wait, what day of the week is that?'
Fred burst into laughter and said, "Elaine are you busy that day? Why does it matter what day of the week it is?"

A glimpse into the daily laughs of Fred and Elaine:)

They came over to the Francois house for dinner. Its always  an argument as to who gets to sit by Nammie and Ampa. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed the company, as always and are so grateful we are so close and get to see each other daily.

They are heading to the desert tomorrow. Their stem cell treatment was moved up to first thing in the morning Wednesday. We continue to hear great things about the results and are very excited. The doctor put Elaine at ease today, reassuring her that everything will be fine. She is the perfect candidate for the procedure. We are optimistic for both Fred and Elaine! They both deserve it great results!

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