Friday, May 11, 2012


Fred and Elaine had an interesting day. They said goodbye to Mike and Diana after a really fun-filled two days. They were very sad to see them go. After an early morning drop off at the airport, Fred and Elaine packed their bags and headed to the desert. Elaine and Fred had a bit of an emotional drive down. We are all still shocked and saddened that this happened to Elaine. It doesn't seem fair and we don't understand why. She is doing so well and trying so hard. Fred is equally as incredible as they have both been thrown this major curveball and are facing it head on! They wouldn't be human if they didn't feel like that once in a while.  We all have a good cry now and then. It is a lot to process, even three and a half months later. They have each other and a support system that will do anything for them. They know how fortunate they are and appreciate it so much.

Elaine and Fred arrived safely in the desert. They had lunch and then drove over to a doctor appointment. One of their friends, Jim, called Fred to tell him that he had heard about some doctors doing some work with stem cells and stroke victims. Fred and Elaine had very high hopes!

The appointment went well. The doctor called Elaine, "a perfect candidate" for the procedure. They would try and find some fat on her little body to suck a syringe full of stem cells out. They would just use a local anesthetic, and apparently the whole thing is relatively quick and painless. They suck out the fat and separate the stem cells from the fat. They would then inject the stem cells back in to her body intravenously. Stem cells have been known to seek out damaged tissue and repair it. She would need to stay at the doctor for about three hours.

There is very little risk involved in the procedure. The biggest risk is that she would bleed because of her coumadin. If that were to happen, it would be a quick fix while they are at the hospital. It is not a big concern. She would need to continue on with her intense therapy and it would take up to three months to see results. There is no guarantee, as with anything. It could do nothing, BUT it could improve her condition up to 30%. Its very exciting! We still need to discuss it with her extensive team of doctors, however we are all very optimistic and excited.

Fred is also thinking about using the stem cells to help his knee. If they do the procedure, it will happened within the next few weeks. Timing is also critical and they have seen the best results doing it soon after the stroke. Again, they believe Elaine is a great candidate for this. They were very impressed with her attitude and determination. They can tell that she is working really hard and has the best chance at results. It is uncertain if she will try this but we wanted to share this exciting news! Please continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

After the doctor, Elaine was exhausted. She watched a movie with Christi and Taylor and tried to get a little rest. She has had a big week. She even wore Diana out! Tonight, Fred and Elaine are having dinner at the Reserve with some of their close friends!

We hope they have a restful, pain free night and that they dream about stem cells.

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