Sunday, May 27, 2012


Aloha! It was a pretty quiet day for the Smiths today. Fred played golf early while Elaine stayed home to catch up on some rest.

While she was at home resting, Elaine came to the realization that she would love to go to Hawaii with the Francois family. They had already booked an extra bedroom in hopes that Elaine would accept their invitation. Staci and Ben are so excited that she is coming, and when the kids find out they will be over the moon!  Just another example of how Elaine takes life by the horns. She is so incredibly tough and we love that she wants to enjoy herself and the change of scenery that comes with a trip to the Big Island!

This evening, Fred and Elaine went to dinner with Jack and Gloria. They went to pasta night at Big Canyon and enjoyed the beautiful weather as we head into Memorial Day and the start of the summer.

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