Saturday, May 26, 2012


We got our wish from yesterday. Fred and Elaine finally got a great night of sleep. Around mid-morning, Staci and Brian came to pick up Nammie for lunch and some shopping.

The three of them went to Canaletto and enjoyed some pasta. They were carb loading for the serious shopping ahead of them. Brian was very attached to Elaine today. He absolutely insisted on holding "Nana's" hand everywhere they went.

He held her hand through the shoe department. He escorted her to the cosmetics counter. He was the hit of Neiman Marcus. Ladies came from across the store just tell him how cute he was.

At one point, he was a bit aggressive in his role as hand holder and nearly pulled Elaine right down on the ground! Thankfully, Staci was right there to grab the both of them before they hit the floor.

After the mall, they packed into the car and headed to Bristol Farms where Elaine baby-sat Brian while Staci picked up a few things. Then, they went to the Francois house to surprise Christi and Taylor. Everyone had a great time with Elaine and the girls were so excited to show off the garden and the growing strawberries, cucumbers, and squashes.

Fred came by a little later to pick up Elaine and they headed home for a quite night. We wish them two nights in a row of peaceful sleep.

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