Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Elaine had a great day! Apparently, the telling of a few personal stories didn't go over as intended, which was to get a few laughs. Elaine is in sound mental health and there is nothing to be alarmed about. It was just a story, a true story, but nothing to raise questions about:)

Elaine had a great two hour therapy session at Hoag. She actually walked on the treadmill today!! You can see the video. She hasn't been on a treadmill since her stroke. It is really cool. Fred and the therapist both noticed that the faster she walked, the better her stride was. It was amazing. It was an exercise that is reserved for only the "advanced" patients. She loves to hear that!

She also practiced buttoning and unbuttoning. She questioned why she had to do learn to do this, "I have Fred to help me", she said!

Fred quickly jumped in and said, "honey I like to unbutton your shirts, but I have no interest in buttoning them!" The therapist literally almost fell off the chair from laughing so hard. The session was awesome and she was able to put pegs in the board even faster than last time. They are going to reassess her on Thursday so we will have more details on her improvements. Its very exciting!

After therapy she came home to relax. She is saving all her energy up for the rest of the week. Mike and Diana are coming to town tomorrow for a few days. Both Fred and Elaine are extremely excited to see them.

Staci called this afternoon to see if Elaine wanted to come watch Brian and Taylor swim while Christi was at tennis. Elaine definitely wanted to get out and enjoy the sunshine. The kids were so excited to have Nammie there watching. Brian would look to Nammie after everything he did and smile yelling Nana, Nana. He was so desperately trying to hold Nammie's hand when were were crossing the street, too. It was so cute!

Fred and Elaine are having a nice dinner at home and getting to bed early! We are hoping they both sleep well as Fred was up again all night with her restless legs and Little Darlin' was in pain last night too!

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