Thursday, May 3, 2012


Elaine had an incredible day and just keeps looking and acting more and more like "Elaine." Elaine and Staci went to Hoag therapy today. She worked exclusively on her walking. Elaine is in the habit of walking with a "peg leg" on her left side. They are trying to get her working on heel to toe and especially focusing on putting weight on her toes. It was a great sign today, her toes, especially her big toe were very uncomfortable. This means they are waking up! Another sign pointing towards recovery and a reward for her hard work! This picture shows the exercise they were doing and then they put her on a block, bearing her weight on the block. She did it so well, the therapist was amazed!

Elaine finally said, "why I am the only one that is walking around doing laps all the time?" The response, "because you are the only one that can!"

After lunch, Staci and Elaine headed for burgers, fries and shakes! Yes, we are meal oriented and we don't miss a meal:)

Elaine was determined to go putt some more this afternoon. They headed to the putting green after lunch and putted for about an hour. Elaine's leg was real shaking by the end. She had a crowd of fans coming over to watch the walking miracle. She was putting with one arm and was incredible. She made 80% of her putts. Natalie met us there and she was so helpful and encouraging. She even chalked a line for Elaine to putt on. She did awesome. We were going to try and chip but with all the talking and her success on the putting green, we didn't quite make it! This video is just a small glimpse into how well she is putting!

Katherine stopped by for a visit too and to witness this incredible putter!

Elaine had to hurry home to meet Barbara and MJ. She was thrilled to see them. They have both visited her so often from the beginning and are amazed to see how far she has come. Elaine was so touched to see them and visit with them! Thank you! We have said it before but it is worth repeating: Elaine is so touched by her her friends making such an effort to be supportive during these past few months. Thank you! Thank you!

Elaine finished the day off by watching Christi during swim practice. The weather was beautiful out and she relaxed by the pool. Fred and Elaine had a delicious dinner at home. Elaine was looking forward to bed after her very busy and active day.

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