Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Today was a GREAT day! Elaine had a great night of sleep and awoke to a latte at the door that Ben had dropped off. It was a wonderful start to the busy day she had ahead. Elaine had therapy at Hoag today. She had her best session to date. Fred was with her and was moved to tears by what she was able to do today. She did her exercises well and correctly! She even laid on the table and essentially made a "T" with her body, BOTH arms extended out wide and up high. Elaine was excited today, too.

She had an skip in her step today. Four of her best buddies drove up from the desert to see her. Pat, Marty, Cindy, and Beverly were at her door when she got home from therapy! She was so thrilled to see them. She is so humbled by the love and friendship her friends have continued to show, even months after her stroke. You guys lift her spirits so much and so thank you for making such an effort. Her therapy didn't end until later today so they even had to sit in traffic the whole way home. Elaine was so appreciative and just sad it had to end! They shared lots of laughs and enjoyed seeing Fred and Elaine's new home. Beverly even dressed for the house today. She could live right in the closet and no one would know she was there! Its hard to notice her since your eyes go straight to the bright background known as Fred's pants.

They went to lunch at Big Canyon and Cece joined them as well. It was a fun afternoon and just another pre-stroke activity that Elaine was able to do. Fred and Staci both felt Elaine was ready to step out without either one of them. While Elaine was a little hesitant, she also knows how well she is doing and how much we trust and believe in her progress. We also knew she was in great hands:) Don't let Fred fool you, he just went to the driving range a few yards away. Thank you girls for making the trip up and for loving Elaine. All of her friends give her so much strength through your texts, emails, calls, visits, prayers, reading the blog, and your love. Make no mistake about it, you all are responsible in helping with her recovery and being part of a miracle! Elaine is a VERY loved women and very deserving of the love too!

A funny note about something that happens daily: We all have our phones set with a reminder at 4:45PM for Elaine to take her Coumadin. Her cell starts ringing daily at the time and she answers, "I took it," but in a appreciative voice and with a laugh! She is not lacking for caretakers!

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