Sunday, May 20, 2012


Elaine was exhausted after a busy Saturday. That didn't stop her from doing therapy though. Paul came over and they had a great session. He even had her playing badminton. She isn't comfortable with it, yet, but she will be. She rested a little this afternoon and then Staci, Ben and the kids came over before we all went to dinner together.

Elaine was exited to wear jeans for the first time since her stroke tonight. She looked adorable. She dreads wearing anything other than her workout clothes because she has to wear tennis shoes. Elaine has always preferred style to comfort, and was willing to sacrifice at any measure. After last New Years Eve, she couldn't walk for 2 days and had to call for an "emergency" foot massage because her feet hurt so badly.

Elaine is looking beautiful and anxious for the stem cell treatment Wednesday. She is a little nervous about bleeding because they don't want to take her off the Coumadin, but it isn't a huge concern. She is going to see her Physician tomorrow for final clearance.

We enjoyed a wonderful dinner together and the kids all fight to hold Nammie's hand. Staci helped Elaine get ready for dinner tonight and is always amazed to see what Elaine goes through to get ready and how difficult it is for her to simply get dressed. We put on her shirt tonight and realized she needed a tank top under and it. Again, the things we take for granted but for Elaine, not only is it difficult to put a shirt on but also extremely painful moving Little Darlin' around. She is so amazing and didn't complain once. She is pushing herself every day to get better, and she is accomplishing that goal!  She is our walking miracle!

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