Monday, May 28, 2012


Happy Memorial Day! A special thank you to all those that serve and have served our country and protect our freedom. We are so grateful to you!

Elaine had a wonderful day today! She spent the morning and early afternoon at the pool with Ben, Staci, and the kids. They are always so excited to have Nammie there watching them and she was excited to be out in the sun, enjoying the day. When we asked her what she wanted for lunch she said, "a milkshake and a ice cream sandwich!" You can imagine how quickly the kids jumped on that bandwagon. We settled on a milkshake and a turkey burger! She got a little sunburn and then went home to rest because she had an exciting evening ahead at the Francois house.

Jessica, her daughters Chole and Emmy, and her sister Jennifer, were coming to Newport just to see Elaine! Elaine was so elated to see them and couldn't believe the effort they went to just to see her. They flew across the country to Sacramento to visit their Grandma and then flew down here for the afternoon and dinner, then back east tomorrow morning, catching a 6 am flight with a two and a half year old and an 11 month old. We were all excited to see them and really enjoyed catching up and watching the girls all play (while Brian ate rocks). They couldn't believe how great Elaine looked and Jessica was so excited to give her a hug. We enjoyed a BBQ al fresco at home and are so touched that they would make such a special effort to see Elaine.

Elaine had another fun surprise. George, Jodi, and Joe stopped by to drop off some delicious grapes, fresh from the ranch. George is a very good friend of Staci and Ben's and he has known Fred and Elaine for over 26 years. Fred and Elaine were excited to see them, catch up and hear about the wedding planning-  and we polished off a bag of grapes in no time!  Thank you for going out of your way! We certainly appreciate the grapes but were especially excited to see you.

Another exciting event happened today. Elaine, for the very first time after many months of working on it, successful performed an exercise we call cross country skiing. You can see in the video that she maintains her balance, took perfect steps and alternated her arm and leg with her step, in sync and perfectly. This is one of the exercises that has given her a lot of trouble and she hasn't been able to do it. It has been very frustrating. Fred and Elaine worked on it over the long weekend and she got it!! Check it out:

The long weekend is over and it is back to therapy tomorrow. She is ready and was practicing and pushing herself this weekend. Fred and Elaine even walked to the club for dinner last night. She is looking as beautiful as ever and we are so proud of all her progress. Hopefully they sleep well tonight afar an exciting day!

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