Wednesday, May 16, 2012


Elaine had a great day. She is still excited from the noticeable progress from yesterday. She was very excited to share the news with Paul. She gives him almost all of the credit for helping Little Darlin' come back to life. He was thrilled to finally see her excited, too. He has been telling her how well she is doing, though its hard for her to see. She had a wonderful session and continued on her advanced course. Everyone is very excited for the stem cell procedure next week!

She rested this afternoon and then Staci picked her up to come watch the kids swim. The weather has been beautiful and she is enjoying the vitamin D, as well as watching the kids play. Staci noticed a major breakthrough today. Today was the first time that she saw Elaine pick up a drink with her left hand. Elaine was on the phone and picked up her water with her left hand. Not only was she multitasking, but incorporating Little Darlin' into her life without thinking about it. This was something that Staci clearly remembers Paul saying several months ago, that once Elaine starts incorporating her left arm into her life, we will know things are getting even better! Staci's heart started beating faster! It was a memorable moment. It is the little things we look for and we are so thrilled to see continued progress!

Elaine and Fred had dinner at home and are getting ready for a solid night of sleep. Elaine has therapy and a visit to her neurologist tomorrow. You remember, the one that told her she would never walk again. Wonder if he wants to watch the videos of her on the treadmill or putting?

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