Tuesday, May 22, 2012


Over the past few months, you have likely noticed that we are an optimistic bunch. We are always looking forward to tomorrow because we know that tomorrow brings continued progress and takes Elaine one day closer to normalcy. That said, we also focus on today because it is today's hard work that makes tomorrow's progress possible.

However, today is a little different. Almost all of today has been a focus on tomorrow. Today Fred and Elaine drove to the desert because tomorrow they are both undergoing the stem cell treatment we wrote about previously. We are thinking a lot about tomorrow, but it doesn't mean that we think it will be a miracle. We are realistic that there could be some benefit, and then again, there may not be. But Elaine hasn't made miraculous progress because she is pessimistic. 

So, she is going into tomorrow with hopes high but eyes wide open. This is a great time for all of you to send more great thoughts and prayers Elaine's way! We will provide a detailed run down of tomorrow's events  . . . tomorrow. 

Tonight they enjoyed a wonderful dinner and lots of laughs with MJ, Bud, Larry, and Barb! They are so lucky to be blessed with such wonderful friends! Tonight was just what the doctor ordered! 

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