Saturday, May 5, 2012


After a very big week, Elaine was exhausted today! She needed a quiet day, filled with staying off her feet and relaxing. Staci took Elaine on a few errands in the morning and then even Elaine said, she wanted to go home. We were hoping she would get some sleep, no such luck but at least she was home!

We feel like Elaine had made huge strides this week and we are so proud of her. She pushed herself when she could, and also knew today that she needed to have some downtime. We noticed improvements in her physically and mentally just this week. She showed confidence in herself as well. It is hard for her to see how well she is doing but she amazing and we are so incredibly proud of her. There is no doubt that only someone with Elaine's courage, determination, attitude, and will would be where she is. She also has Fred, who is so loving, supportive, encouraging, and helps her get better every second of every day.

Back to therapy tomorrow so we hope she gets some rest tonight!

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