Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Elaine had a wonderful and productive day! It started off with a fun lunch with their dear friends Jim and Sue, who drove up from San Diego to see them. They celebrated friendship and Fred and Elaine both really enjoyed being with them and feel so lucky to have such caring, loving, friends! Sue visited Elaine when she first went to the rehab hospital and has been a consistent visitor since. They have enjoyed Elaine's progress, each time more impressed than the last!

After lunch, Fred and Elaine headed to Hoag for therapy. Fred, Elaine, and Staci have all been frustrated at the Hoag therapy sessions the past few weeks. Elaine has seen a different therapist most of the time, all focusing on different things. The common goal is always to improve her walking, however they each tell her a different way. Its confusing for Fred and Staci too, who know how to walk. We can't even imagine how poor Elaine is feeling, trying hard to do what they are telling her, yet so confused with their directions. Fred and Staci compared notes over the weekend and Fred was going to talk to the them.

Luckily, they were very receptive and understanding of our concerns. Fred expressed to them that we want goals set so that Elaine can work to achieve them, and be able to have a better sense of ALL that she is accomplishing. They identified a list of personal goals Elaine has for herself too, and they are going to work on those as well. Each time she will have one of two therapists, all working on the same things with a consistent message. We are very excited about this! Elaine is so lucky to have such an incredible advocate fighting for her every day! Fred has continues to amaze us with his ongoing effort to help Elaine get better. He never leaves a stone unturned or lets anything slip through the cracks! His genuine love for her shows every minute of every day.

Some of the most important personal goals Elaine has set for herself on her quest towards independence are:

-being able (and confident enough in her balance) to shower alone

-She would like to be able to dress herself

-She wants to be able to drive again. They are going to bring in someone from the DMV that will give her some computerized tests, then take her out in a car. They will then assess where her weaknesses are, if any, and work on those so that she will be able to safely drive a car again.

-She also wants to get back on the golf course. You can see in this video that they worked on that today as well.

Elaine has many goals, all of which include having her old life back. The wheels continue to be in motion and she is a step closer each day. She is determined, working her GGA (Great Greek Ass) off, daily and pushing herself harder than anyone can imagine. She is surrounded by love, is self motivated, and has Fred! That is a lethal and undeniable combination. Hopefully a restful night of sleep tonight since last night was not a comfortable one for either of them.

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