Friday, May 25, 2012


After a very restless night, Elaine (and Fred) woke up very tired. Elaine was able to catch a much needed short nap before lunch that allowed to build up some energy for a visit from the Staci, Ben, and the kids.

Before the visit, Staci and the kids headed over to the bookstore for a few games and mind-exercisers for Elaine. They brought over Sudoku, word games, and activity books all with the intent of stimulating Elaine's brain. Elaine has been so focused on physical therapy and now she is working on mind therapy to keep those neurons firing! The docs say it is crucial to her continued progress for her to work on her mind and body. Everyone got in on the action and played word games around the coffee table.

After playing games, we all went to the upstairs balcony to watch Fred come in on the 18th hole. While we were up there, we looked down and saw a wonderful sight on the patio. There was Elaine using Little Darlin' to tie her shoe. Fred told us another great story from the stem cell day. The nurse was having trouble getting a band aid after the IV came out. Elaine just reached over with her left hand and held the band aid without even thinking about it. Pretty remarkable progress from where she was not too long ago!

Fred and Elaine are enjoying a quiet take-out dinner at home. Hopefully, they get in bed early and stay asleep for the entire night.

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