Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Tuesday was all about progress. Elaine had therapy at Hoag and went incredibly well. She kicked ass at every task they there at her. The therapists all stopped to watch her amazing effort!

Here are some of Elaine's accomplishments from today (some of these are on video at the end of the blog).

1. Throughout this process, the therapists have been measuring Elaine's grip strength looking for improvement. Two weeks ago, Little Darlin' squeezed out 9 pounds per square inch (psi) of pressure - not bad. But today, LD put 26 psi on that meter. That is an 88% increase in pressure. To put in perspective, her right hand applied pressure of 52 psi - meaning her left hand is at 50% strength. Pretty remarkable progress.

2. Remember the exercise when Elaine was putting the pegs in the holes? Elaine previous best time to complete the task was more than 2 minutes. Today she completed the task in 58 SECONDS.

3. Take a moment to watch the third video of Elaine walking on the treadmill at high speed with no hands. Unbelievable profess from where she was just weeks ago.

We are so proud of Elaine and her hard work. We are not at all surprised that Elaine has come so far. She is the bravest and most determined person we have ever met. We are so proud of her and her effort!

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