Thursday, May 10, 2012


Today was another great day for Fred and Elaine with Mike and Diana today. Elaine performed well at her therapy session with here audience. She was able to bounce a ball with both hands - a huge accomplishment that really impressed Diana. Then Elaine dominated the bike at rehab. It was a very progressive day!

Fred and Mike went to the club to hit some golf balls and play some cards. While the guys were doing that, Elaine and Diana headed to Fashion Island to do some damage. They started with a nice lunch at Canaletto where they ran into Staci, Taylor, and Brian.

After lunch is when things got a little goofy. They drove around the mall from the restaurant so they could do some shopping at Nordstrom's. They parked outside the store, and headed in.  This is about how it went:

Elaine: "Here we are. This is Nordstrom's"
Diana: "Great!"
D: "Are you sure this is Nordstrom's It doesn't look right."
E: "Yes, I am sure. This is definitely Nordstrom's."
D: "It doesn't look like Nordstrom's."
E: "Well, it is. Let's look around."
D: "Elaine, the tags on these shirts say "Forever 21". This is not Nordstrom's."
E: "Oh, ok. Maybe this isn't Nordstrom's"

Once they realized they were in Forever 21 (a teen girls' clothing store), they decided to actually go to Nordstrom. Unfortunately, they were too far to walk so Diane volunteered to run and get the car and pick up Elaine up.

Diane gave Elaine strict instructions, "Don't move from this spot. I will be right back to pick you up."

Elaine waited awhile. And waited some more. Finally, she figured that Diana must be lost so she walked over to the shuttle stop to get on the trolley at the exact moment Diana pulled up.  They were both cracking up (and all the way through dinner). Remember, this all happened before they even started shopping!

Finally, they made it into Nordstrom where Elaine did her part to get the economy back on track while she was shopping for shoes! She will be wearing those Blahniks in no time!

Tonight, Fred, Elaine, Mike, Diana, Staci, and Ben went to a great dinner at Mastros. There were a ton of big belly laughs for three straight hours. Diana told Elaine that these laughs are better abs workouts than any therapist can prescribe!

It was such a treat to have the Ditkas in town for a few days. It meant the world to Fred and Elaine that they would fly out here from Chicago. They had such a great two days full of love and laughter! The Smiths are so grateful for their friendship with Mike and Diana!

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