Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Elaine is doing well! Little Darlin' and her shoulder were sore today, and no one is quite sure why, but she was definitely uncomfortable. Based on her therapy session today, you would never know that was the case. She had a great workout with Paul and did quite a bit of walking as well. She is working hard to eliminate the "hinge" she walks with. Elaine also admitted to Paul that she is nervous about the stairs. Paul was very surprised by this considering she hash't even shown fear of anything, until now, which is extremely rare. He filled her with confidence and expressed that she has no reason to be fearful. She is very capable of handling the stairs. She even carried a glass of water down up them today for practice. She is really progressing. He told her that he also believes she is capable of driving, however his biggest concern is her concentration, or rather her losing it! All signs are pointing in the right direction and with her continued hard work and determination, she should continue to get better!

Staci picked Elaine up this afternoon to go see her local cardiologist. He was thrilled when he walked in the room and saw her. He could tell just by looking at her that she had made some drastic improvements from just a month ago. He also saw her in the hospital and agreed its hard to believe that she is the same person. A miracle indeed. Her heart is doing well and his biggest concern is to keep her INR between 2.5 and 3.5. It dipped to 2.2 this week but the doctors are thinking it is from the stem cell procedure. She hasn't been in a-fib since the last time she saw him and he said stay the course and he will see her in three months! It is wonderful when the duration between visits continues to grow. Also a good sign:) The only downside to the day for Elaine was when she had to get on the scale. The nurses all want to punch her when she complains about having to stand her skinny little body on the scale. She doesn't get any sympathy in that department!

Elaine ran a few errands and even got out of the car to come in the stores with Staci. Usually, she is pretty content to stay in the car. She is so sweet and smiles and says hello to everyone she sees. They smile back until she breaks into "the giggles":). You never know when one of those giggle attacks is going to happen and there certainly is never a rhyme or reason for it. We are so grateful to giggle with her, even when we don't know what we are laughing at!

The kids played with Nammie and Ampa for a little bit this afternoon and helped make the "June" calendar. Elaine had great energy today and was in really good spirits. Brian knows just the person to come too for a cookie, too. Brian is going to attend a therapy session with Nammie and Paul soon, since another one of her goals is to be able to hold him. That will be an interesting session:)

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