Wednesday, May 9, 2012


Elaine had an exciting day today! Staci popped in early this morning to drop off groceries and heard Fred and Elaine laughing up a storm. They spend so much time laughing during the day, and as the saying goes, laughter is the best medicine! Elaine had a great session with Paul. He was so pleased with her progress. 

A big break through today: she has a little machine with foot pedals. It has always been very difficult for her. Initially she started out sitting in a chair trying to push them down. Movement was minimal at best. Well, today she stood up, pushing them ALL THE WAY up and down without even holding on to anything! It was very exciting to watch. She continued to improve on all her exercises. 

Mike and Diana flew in from Chicago this morning to visit Fred and Elaine. They were excited to catch the end of therapy and see how great she looks. They are both so impressed with her dedication as well as how well her recovery is going. Elaine was especially excited to have Paul see Mike wearing his pink bracelet. Paul has a problem with a guy wearing a pink bracelet. She told him even Coach wears it every day. Paul carries it in pocket.  We don't think Paul believed it until today! See Paul, real men do wear pink, just as Elaine has been telling you for months!

Coach is the second best motivator (only behind Fred) we know and it meant so much to Elaine to hear from two of their oldest and best friends just how incredible and inspirational she is! Fred and Elaine had such a special day and feel so blessed to have Mike and Diana in their lives. They are so appreciative that they would fly all the way out here to see them and it really means the world to them. They are so really touched and so lucky to have such great friends. 

They went to Big Canyon to have lunch and then the guys went to play cards and the girls were going to get a manicure and pedicure. Elaine was tired and Little Darlin' was really hurting after the manicure. The ladies at the nail place understand the pain she is in. Its always hard to remember what she is going through because by looking at her, you simply can't tell! They went home to relax and sit outside. The Ditka's and the Smith's are going to have a war of the thermostat. The Smiths like it 90 and the Ditkas like it 50. Diana was dying to sit outside today so she could breathe. It was 80 and Elaine was laying outside with a blanket. It was pretty hilarious. Diana made Elaine laugh a ton this afternoon and they talked about some of the many fun times they have had over the 25 plus years they have been friends.

They met the guys at the club for dinner and finished off what Fred said was a "very special day!" We wish them all a restful night sleep and hope they can find a temperature that fits them all:) 

An update on Ashley. She is doing really well. Her HCG levels are at 2, down from 1 where is stayed for a while. She is feeling good, looks beautiful, and most importantly is cancer free! She has weekly blood draws to continue to monitor her HCG. She is as busy as ever with her crafts and all her projects. If you knew all she had going on, you would never guess she has been in a long battle with cancer!

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