Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Elaine had a wonderful day! She looked like Elaine of old this afternoon. We wish the hospital staff could see her now!

She started the morning with her usual two hour therapy session. She did really well and of course worked very hard. Paul was impressed with how much she focused today and more importantly how hard she worked to not get distracted. He blames her wandering mind on her stroke. Anyone that knows Elaine, knows that she has always one ear listening to everything else that is going on. She did her exercises well and is walking with an even stronger leg and at a swifter pace.

After therapy, Staci picked her up to take their friend Jennifer to lunch for her birthday. They had a nice time and did a a little shopping. When Staci went to take a picture of them eating cake, Elaine joked that she only takes pictures when Elaine is eating and people must think that is all she does:) They wandered around the mall for a bit and then went to pick up the kids from school.

When Staci went back to drop off dinner, she was amazed and surprised to see Elaine looking like, well herself!

This evening, Fred, Elaine, and Natalie went out to putt and chip. Natalie said she had talked to Butch about Elaine and he said to start with just using her right hand. That is how you putt anyway and the left had just gets in the way. She is doing really well and felt so good to be out there. Don't be surprised to see Fred out on the course putting with one hand now either! They practiced some putts and chips and she made more than she missed! Although it feels so foreign to her, she looks like she hasn't lost a beat. These videos show her putting and chipping. It was really cool! Thanks Natalie for spending some time with her and helping her out.

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