Monday, April 30, 2012


Elaine had a busy day today! She started out with therapy. She had a solid two hours, although she still fights distractions. She continues to build on what she has been working on. Paul is much more concerned with quality, NOT quantity. He wants to make sure that each exercise she does, she does perfectly and stops at the first one that is wrong. This is a point when habits become very hard to break and it is very important that she continues to create a solid foundation. She is doing well and he is challenging her to try and focus on three things at one time. That does get a little tricky for her and she is easily sidetracked. Everyone is astounded by Elaine though and how well she is doing!

After a few errands, Elaine's friend Kathy came by for a visit. She brought over a flyer for the 9-hole couples tournament that the 4 of them won last year. She wants them to defend their title again and left it there as motivation for her to get better. They had a really great visit!

Today was Christi's 8th Birthday. We had a birthday celebration at Island's tonight. Elaine looked beautiful and reminded us of her old self. She was walking really well and was very alert and talkative. We had a wonderful night and were so thankful that Nammie is here to celebrate with us.

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