Monday, April 16, 2012


Elaine had a very big job today! She was responsible for Bella (the dog they "share" with Richie and Julie). Richie and Julie went to Vegas to visit their son and left Fred and Elaine in charge of Bella. Elaine was very excited for her babysitting duty.

Elaine had a great two hour therapy session with Paul today. He shared with Elaine a story he had never told us about her. When Elaine was in the ICU, a doctor asked if Paul wanted to visit their latest stroke victim. The doctor explained to him about Elaine, her situation, which they were painting as very grim and dire, and asked if he would want to try and help. Paul loves to help people and wanted to meet Elaine. The time he first meet her, she couldn't move her left side at all. He happened to be in the room when one of the many doctors came by to check on her. The doc reminded us all that this would likely be her lifelong condition. Paul said he will never forget walking in her room. He said you instantly felt the strong love that we had for Elaine and how heartbroken we all were. He remembers the tears in Fred's eyes. He was very moved by it and knew that he wanted to try and help Elaine. He was disappointed that the doctors would make such strong and heartbreaking statements, but he knew the odds were not on her side.

Fast forward almost 12 weeks, and he calls her the poster child for stroke patients. Her recovery is incredible! He wants to use her story as incentive and encouragement for others. He has helped her so much, and we are so incredibly grateful to him for his commitment. He said he's never had a patient like her in his life, with her passion and desire but also her wit, humor, and the way she talks back to him. She has been known on occasion to break out in song during their sessions. One of their walks recently she started singing the theme song from Mr. Ed, "A horse is a horse of course." They both started to laugh and she almost fell. He said, this is going to be great, you are going to fall and I'm going to have to explain that you were singing about Mr. Ed!

After therapy, Ron came by for a visit and talked with Fred and Elaine. He asked Elaine if she is sick of therapy yet. We all know the answer has to be yes. She is so determined that she said no. She just wants to get better! She continues to amaze us. The kids came by to visit Nammie, Ampa, and Bella. They fed Bella dinner and took her on a walk after. Elaine made it farther than Bella! It was a fun day!

Elaine continues to make us proud every day. We don't know how she does it and can't possible imagine how she is feeling. We just love her every minute of the day so grateful that she is alive and getting better. The situation absolutely sucks, there is no sugar coating it, but she is getting better every day! Her strength and will to succeed is inspiring.

Tomorrow brings more therapy at Hoag and a visit to the doctor. We are really hoping he can help with pain management for Little Darlin'. On top of all she is going through, to be in intense pain 24 hours a day makes the days even longer.

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