Sunday, April 29, 2012


Due to some technical difficulties, yesterday's blog did not post. Fortunately, it was saved somewhere in the cloud.

So, we will give you a little update on today immediately following yesterday's news.

Today we are putting a quick, early post. We are celebrating Christi's birthday at Disneyland. We just dropped off Brian so that Elaine, Fred, and Franny can babysit while we spend the night at the Happiest Place on Earth.

A couple interesting notes from Elaine's therapy session today with Paul. She made an attempt to play badminton in the front of the house. Can you just imagine what the neighbors thought when they drove by and saw two adults trying to play badminton without a net in the front yard?

There was also some great progress today. Elaine was able to get up off the ground all by herself.  This is obviously a huge step towards greater independence!

Sunday, Sunday Sunday! Fred and Elaine had a nice today taking care of Brian who stayed over last night while the rest of the crew was at DisneyLand for Christi's birthday. Sunday's huge highlight is showcased on the video below.  For those of you who have trouble with video, the following shows Elaine chipping at the driving range. Now, that is a huge day! She said it felt like she was starting all over and had never played golf before. A witness said that it didn't look like she was just learning. She tried to take a full swing but Little Darlin' is not quite there yet, but she will be!

Back to therapy in the morning after a great Sunday, feeling like the old days. One of her grandchildren sleeping over and some golf! She is AMAZING!

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