Saturday, April 14, 2012


Elaine had an incredible day of therapy. Paul said there were things she was doing today that she couldn't have done last week. Its really amazing. We were saying today that after 11 weeks of the same old thing, it is unbelievable that Elaine finds the strength and motivation to not only keep going, but work harder and harder! We have some great videos of her working that GGA and also practicing picking up ball, similar to her picking her ball out of the hole after draining a long putt! We are so proud of her!! She inspires and amazes us daily!

She was rewarded with her hard work today! Elaine and Julie went for manicures and to get their hair blown out. They had so much fun and enjoyed the afternoon! They laughed a lot, as usual. Fred and Elaine are going to be lost without Richie and Julie when they leave on Thursday:(

The four of them celebrated a great week with a big dinner at Mastro's and butter cake, well and some pecan pie too! Go big or go home right!

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