Friday, April 27, 2012


Elaine had a big and exciting day today! She doesn't have therapy on Fridays so she had a busy day of fun! First of all, she shocked us all by not getting dressing in her lulu lemon clothes this morning. She wore an adorable sundress and looked beautiful and healthy. Staci took her into the gym this morning. She hasn't been back there for exactly 13 weeks! Everyone in there has been wanting to see her and give her a hug. She wanted to see them too and especially thank Tim and Kyle for saving her life. They talked a little about that morning and she was able to ask them a few questions. We are so grateful to them for recognizing it so fast and taking such good care of her! As she was being wheeled out of there 13 weeks ago, we were unsure of her future. The fact that she walked in here today and is doing so well is nothing short of a miracle!

After that, Staci and Elaine went to lunch, did some shopping (yes back to lulu), and had manicures and pedicures. Little Darlin' was misbehaving at the nail salon. When Elaine had her nails in the bowl, LD was tipping the water over. The lady moved LD out of the water and then a few minutes later she knocked the water over. Its one of those situations you just have to laugh at. Her fingers and toes crossed a few times too but the girls were really sweet about it and just repainted her toes. It was actually quite entertaining.

They picked up the girls from school, picked up Brian after his nap and went to play at Nammie's for a little bit. Brian wanted to help Nammie out of the car and into the house. He kept grabbing for her hand. Christi and Elaine played charades (again entertaining). It was a fun day!

Fred and Elaine had dinner with Jake, his mom, and his Grandma tonight at Big Canyon. They had a great night and were so happy to meet them.

Tomorrow Elaine is back to therapy, and she is excited to continue her progress. Fred was telling her that he can't believe how she never complains about therapy or doing it over and over. She is always ready for it and always wants to work hard. She is amazing!

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